Kathe Kathe KaraNa

Kathe Kathe karaNa
Bekkina ToraNa
Kappe timbale Hav bantu
Hav Hodiyale kolu Bantu
Kol Nungale Benki Bantu
Benki Nandsale Neer Bantu,
Neer kudiyale Yaatu Bantu
Yettin Hodakand Ajja banda
Ajjan MukLiyalli katter kachchci kuyyonyyo Kuyyonyyo

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Ganapa Ganapa

Ganapa Ganapa
Eka Danta
Pachchce kallu
Paani peetha
Honna Ghante
Oppuva Oppuva Vigneshwaranige ippattondu namaskaragaLu

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Ganesha Born

      Once in Kailash Maa Parvati wished to take bath.She wanted some one to guard her door while she is bathing. She searched for any Shiva gaNa.She could not find one. She was thought ful for some time then she opened her es with a smile. She made a boy from her sweat, ordered him not to let any one inside and went for bathing...
         At the other end Lord Shiva wanted to meet Parvati. So he sent Nandi to call Maa Parvati. When Nandi  tried to enter, the boy at the door stopped him saying no one can enter inside without defeating him.Nandi tried to fight with him but was not succeeded.
        Nandi came back to Lord Shiva saying he was unable to give the message to Maa Parvati.So Shiva himself went to meet Maa parvati. Again the boy objected Lord Shiva to enter Parvati's room.Lord shiva got angry now....
He just cut the boy's head off.!!!!
Listening to the noise outside Parvati came out rushing......... what she saw?????
her little gaurd was in full of blood with head off his body....
           Parvati burst out with tears.she started crying very badly.Now Lord Shiva could not see this. he tried to stop Parvati from crying but she wanted her boy(son) back.Finally Shiva called his gaNa and said  " spread in all the direction get any one's head who is sleeping by keeping their head to North direction".
         All the gaNa went into search of some one who is sleeping to north direction. They searched a lot and about to return with out getting any results. But then they saw one baby elephant was sleeping by keeping its head to north direction. They were very happy. immediately they cut the elephant's head and took it to Lord Shiva.
Now Shiva joined the head to the lifeless boy's body and gave him life.Parvati was very happy.Shive blessed him to be the leader of all his gaNa s called him by name Ganapati Or Ganesha.
Thus Ganesha born with elephant's head and became the adhipati to all shiva gaNas.

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Ganapati raya

Ganapati Raya mugivenu kaiyya
Sanna sanna makkaLu
Ninna seve madvaru
Tappiddalli oppikoLLyya

Chauti dina baruvanu
Iliya mele kurvanu
Dabakkantha beelvanu
Chandra nodi nakkanu
Ganapati shaapa kottanu

Baa Baa ganapa vidya kodu ganapa
Baa Baa ganapa buddi kodu ganapa

This was the prayer as children we used to sing daily evening.

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To start with.....

Yes !!!!!! Im blessed with a baby girl.....
Although she is only 4 months old  i have to start all the preparation starting from rhymes,prayers, stories etc etc......
             As a child i liked stories a lot.. it might be from mythology, any books ,animals ,or my father's own fantasy stories..... daily after dinner we(children) used to trouble our father to tell us a story...and he is an amazing story teller...If he starts a story it used to continue for weeks.. but not a single day boring or a repetition of any part of the story.... apart from that he used to buy all Chnadamama's Balamitra's( children story books) and comics books to boost our reading habit..My mom generally picked all moral stories or a situational stories from mythology or any other possible places.
            I was a kind of book worm (only for story books not school books).i read almost all articles in any book those days( for that i used to search such a place where i ll not be disturbed until book is finished).. as i grew i read short stories and serials from weekly magazines.. but Novels never caught my attention much..i hardly read novels that to of only the author Yandamoory Virendranath..
            While i was doing my graduation i joined a public library and started reading "Nancy Drew stories".In between when everv i got the opportunity i read books like " Sharada devi", "Autobiography of yogi ( Kannada version)", "Manusmriti", "Swami Vivekananda" "Ramakrishna Paramahamsa", some parts of Ramayana and mahabharata etc.. Now after my marriage my hubby dubby wont let me read. his argument "Only 2 of us are here u also lost into books what should I do then??? blah blah " leave it.
           So now i want to recall / collect as many stories and keep it here so when my girl is grown enough, either i can pick a story from here or she herself can browse through....
          Or other way as and when i tell her story i can keep it here so some day she can recall all these stories...
           Its a good way to start Lord Ganesha story first as he is considered as VigNa Raja, Vidyadipati and should be worshiped first.... so the story goes like this

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